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Why we are a leading Marble murti manufacturer in Jaipur

Dwelling in the pink heart of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a root of artisanal glory with cultural values. And we are proud to be a part of this ever-growing heritage. Since 1980, We have been working as a manufacturer and suppliers have made and lived the traditional Marble Murti art in Jaipur. The team of the finest artisans carves their souls into every marble statue before handing it to you.

Over the years, we have been loyal to the quality, durability, and creation of our marble moorti art. Choosing the finest quality white and black marble stones for the artifacts is our priority. Serving customers with the best and most affordable quality marble statues in Jaipur makes us happy. Not only in India but in other countries too! Our marble god statues and other artworks are manufactured and supplied in many other countryfolks.

We are the best marble murti manufacturer and supplier in jaipur because we have the best! We work with innovative technology to simplify the process of marble murti creation. Also, our team is the Best! Every artisan, craftsman, worker, and managing department, who works day and night to deliver you the finest piece of culture, serves their BEST. All this reduces the time of delivering the marble statues to their desired places, making it faster and safer in all way!

Welcome to Sharma Moorti Exports

We Sharma Moorti Exports is a leading Marble murti Manufacturer in Jaipur established since 1980. Due to continuous efforts and dedication all these years. We have grown ourselves to be the leading exporters, suppliers and marble murti manufacturers in jaipur. Our company specializes in manufacturing idols of god, goddess, human statue, ganesh murti, radhe krishna murti, sai baba murti, ambedkar murti and beyond. The products manufactured by us provide a long lasting life, flawless designs, numerous patterns, colorful murties, reasonable pricing, handy products that are easy to maintain and much more.The products have been manufactured extensively with perfection that offers a huge value for money. While manufacturing God marble statue, marble murties we use top notch quality of makrana marble for an attractive look. Our aim is not only to provide murties with elegant designs but also offer durability to our clients. Our work is appreciated by our clients due appealing designs. 




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Sharma Moorti Exports is a leading Marble murti Manufacturer in Jaipur established since 1980.

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